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Wobbly Pan offers authentic, best-tasting Cochinillo in Manila. Our secret family recipe has been perfected and passed down from generations of Spanish home cooks. Our Cochinillo has the right balance of crispiness and tenderness that you and your guests will surely love.

Cochinillo vs. Lechon

What is Cochinillo and how is it different from Lechon and Lechon de Leche and other roasted pig recipes?

Cochinillo is a roasted piglet fed on purely sow’s milk for 2 to 6 weeks. The milk diet is what gives this particular recipe its distinct, flavorful, earthy, almost buttery taste. Since the piglet is roasted whole, the skin, slathered with sauce and a mixture of herbs and spices, is golden brown and crispy. This, partnered with its tender, mouth-watering meat is what makes the Cochinillo delectable and crave-worthy.

Cochinillo originated in Spain. There, they have very strict standards for a suckling pig to be called a Cochinillo. For example, a pig must be no older than 3 weeks and should be no more than 6 kilos. However, varieties are seen all over the world with a more relax standard.

Latin America, for example, has its own version called Lechon. Lechon comes from the root word “leche” means milk, and “lechona” means suckling pig.

China also has its own version of roasted pig, called “shāo zhū”. While it is not considered a suckling pig, this version is what’s popular in the Philippines.

Why Cochinillo?

Today, while Lechon and Lechon de Leche are still popular in big celebrations, more and more people are choosing Cochinillo as the star of the party. Because it is a young piglet, the meat is tender and more flavorful, thanks to its all-milk diet. Its fat is slim that easily melts in your mouth and the skin is thin, extremely crispy, and not “nakakaumay”.

Plus, it never hurts to impress your guests by slicing the Cochinillo with a plate.

cochinillo for delivery quezon city manila mandaluyong taguig bgc


Half (good for 5-6 pax) PHP 4900
Whole (good for 10-12 pax) PHP 8500

Roasted suckling pig with tender meat, crispy skin, and minimal fat
*Cochinillo for 2 days advance order

chochinillo stuffed with paella for delivery quezon city manila mandaluyong taguig bgc

Cochinillo with Paella Stuffing (our favorite!)

PHP 9980

Roasted suckling pig stuffed with flavorful Paella Valenciana
*Cochinillo for 2 days advance order

We are here to satisfy your Conchinillo Cravings!

You can feel an all-out Spanish fiesta in our Shangrila and Makati locations! While our cochinillo requires 2 days of advance order, it is worth the wait! Order now!

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Perfect for celebrations

Rated 5 out of 5
September 2, 2021

Wobbly pan’s cochinillo is very good and tasty. The paella inside it is also jucier and tastier with the lemongrass. It is very well-packaged and presented and will surely make any celebration extra special and picture-perfect! 🙂

Krishna Abello