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Paella has been so synonymous with Spanish cuisine, that a Spanish gathering will never be complete without it.

Wobbly Pan offers the best Paella in Manila! Our recipe has been passed down from generations of Spanish home cooks and food aficionados. Get a Spanish Fiesta with Wobbly Pan’s Paella!

What is Paella?

The Paella we know today is a classic Spanish one-pot rice dish, slow-cooked and marinated with meat, seafood, and vegetables, marinated in a meat broth and herbs and spices, served in one large pan.

However, did you know that term Paella comes from the Spanish words “paella” and “paellera” meaning pan? Yes! Just like how some recipes are named, this delectable rice dish is named after the pan where it is cooked and served.

Paella Valenciana, Paella Negra, & Paella Marinera – What’s the difference?

Paella recipes can differ across regions and countries, especially those that have Spanish influences, such as the Philippines.

Paella Valenciana, the one we are more familiar with, is made of chicken, rabbit, and other livestock as protein with various vegetables such as beans and artichokes with rosemary and saffron as your aromatics.

Paella Marinera or seafood paella is another popular dish. As the name suggests, it is an all seafood rice dish that is appealing to the eyes, as it is appetizing to the taste.

Paella Negra is a variation of the seafood Paella. It became popular because of its black rice, thanks to a lot of squid or cuttlefish ink. Usually served with Squid as protein, variations include shrimp, cuttlefish, and other seafood.

For meat lovers, another popular dish is the Paella Asado – Paella rice enriched with 4 hour slow-roasted pork belly and Spanish spices

Fancy something different? Check our different Paella Recipes that will surely satisfy each palete.


Paella Valenciana Wobbly Pan Spanish Restaurant

Paella Valenciana

Small PHP 750 | Medium PHP 1480

Paella rice with chorizo, chicken, shrimps, clams, mussels, and squid

vegetarian paella manila

Paella Vegetariana

Small PHP 650 | Medium PHP 1300

Paella rice with artichokes, olives, green beans, mushrooms, capsicum and carrots

paella negra party package quezon city manila mandaluyong taguig

Paella Negra

Small PHP 720 | Medium PHP 1420

Paella rice with squid ink, squid rings, alioli and paprika

paella mechada best paella in manila

Paella Mechada

Small PHP 720 | Medium PHP 1420

Paella rice with USDA beef tenderloin strips enriched with herbs and spices

cerdo paella for delivery quezon city manila mandaluyong taguig bgc

Cerdo Asado Paella

Small PHP 770 | Medium PHP 1540

Paella rice enriched with 4 hour slow-roasted pork belly and Spanish spices

Paella Marinara Spanish Restaurant in Manila

Paella Marinera

Small PHP 790 | Medium PHP 1580

Seafood paella rice with shrimps, clams, mussels, sole fish, and squid

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